Plumbing installation


Plumbing installations include a range of services varying from toilets, boilers, faucets to water softeners and more. Installing and maintaining plumbing fixtures and equipment is one of the most sought out services. Household pipes and drains can easily get damaged, frozen, or corroded, and repairs are required often. General plumbing installation services, along with mechanical plumbing services, installing sprinklers, fixing pipes, installing septic tanks, gas plumbing are all various services arising in the plumbing industry. 

As the day-to-day activities of a household strictly relies on its water, heating, sewer, drainage, and gas, professional installation of pipes, fixtures, and equipment is vital. There are many professionals working in the plumbing industry, and these services are widely spread across the country for the convenience of their clients.


The process of removing surface, slope, or sub-surface water is called drainage



Heating systems are an essential requirement for an extreme cold weather climates.


Gas lines are an source of power. They power the stoves, heaters etc

Bathroom and kitchen sinks

Sinks add convenience to your kitchen and bathroom. Although these require the least attention, sometimes the repairs in sinks can get nasty. It is advised not to ignore even the smallest damage in your sink, or the pipes connected to it, as it could lead to a major increase in your water bill, and cause damage to your property. Sinks are made using cast-iron, granite, porcelain, or fiberglass. Installing sinks requires connecting the water supply to the faucets and connecting the wastewater pipes to the drain system of the house.

The faucets should be connected to the shut-off valves. Sprayer hoses must be attached to the faucet’s threaded tailpiece. Connecting the drainpipes can be done by assembling the trap adapter onto the sink-drain tailpiece. The hoses should be tightened with hose clamps.


Showers are one of the most widely used appliances at home. Showers can be found in various sizes, types, shapes, and configurations. Built-in showers and prefabricated showers are the most popular ones. Showers can be installed as a single unit, a modular set of as a custom built-in. The water supply to showers can be both hot and cold. These two pipes connect to the shower valve, and the temperature is controlled from there.

Another step of plumbing for showers is the drain system. Shower drains need to be carefully fitted, to avoid leaks and damages to your property. Shower leaks can also add up to a hefty bill. The drain connects to the drain line through an under-floor trap, and then to the waste stack.


Toilets consist of the tank and the bowl. The tank will be filled with a water reserve to refill the bowl, and the flushing system. The bowl is connected to the drain to dispose the waste and wastewater. The ballcock controls the water delivery to the tank. Once the pressure goes up with a flush, tank water flows to the bowl. The pressure gauge is what triggers the ballcock to refill the tank. Plumbing in toilets is related to this process. The water supply is connected to the tank and the bowl seamlessly.

The waste and the wastewater is disposed through the drains made specifically for this task. Plumbing installation in toilets can be named as the most crucial plumbing in a home, as the repairs and maintenance of toilets can be the biggest hassle. To avoid such situations, expert help is always recommended while installing toilets and related plumbing.


Dishwashers can save you a lot of time and energy. If you’re a busy person, dishwashers can be your new best friend. Dishwashers can save water and electricity, and it promotes hygiene. Most dishwashers use an automatic temperature control to choose the best temperature of water for your utensils. Dishwashers can be three different types: compact dishwashers, dish-drawer dishwashers, and freestanding dishwashers. Installing a dishwasher takes some planning, as it relies on your kitchen configuration, plumbing, installation and your requirement.

After you configure the water supply and connect the pipes to the dishwasher, the next step is sitting isolation valves. The purpose of the isolation valves is to isolate the dishwasher without turning off the water supply. The waste hose must be hooked into the trap at the top of the standpipe under the sink.


Installing a bathtub is no easy task. You must follow these steps carefully and accurately if you want a bathtub with minimum repair and maintenance. First, you will have to install the piping that connects to the tub. This could be done using your existing drain and waste vent system andinstall the water supply with heating separately. Some of the most important equipment during this stage are a mixing valve, shower head and air chambers. Positioning the tub and assembling the drains are another task of the plumbing procedure.

The tub overflow should connect to the tub drain above the trap. The compression fitting in the trap will be screwed over the arm of the overflow assembly. Pipes should be attached for the shower head, and the hot and cold water lines should be attached to the port of the mixing valve. Cleaning pipe threads, applying pipe joint compounds and PTFE tapes help prevent future leaks.

Washing machine

Installing a washing machine involves a long process of plumbing. From installing the pipes, connecting to the power supply, and configuring the draining, it can be quite complicated. First, to connect the hot and cold water supplies, there will be two hoses that can be up to 1.5m in length. These should be connected to the washing machine at one end, and the water supply at the other. Self cutting valves can be used to attach the hot and cold pipes to the machine without having to turn off the water supply.

The isolation valves need to be fitter properly to stop the washing machine without cutting off the water supply. Next comes connecting the machine to a power supply. The waste hose should be connected to your drain system as the last step, while ensuring there are no leaks.