Heating systems are an essential requirement for an extreme cold weather around, which brings us to the question, what are the best heating methods for your house? Furnaces, boilers, and hot water systems are the most widely used and common methods of heating used for your home or office requirements. These heating systems are built to maintain a constant temperature within an acceptable range by using thermal energy. The HVAC systems: heating, ventilation and air conditioning are the technologies used in common heating systems. 


High efficiency furnaces

Furnaces are one such method with a forced air distribution, where air is being forced through ducts to control the temperature inside an enclosed space. The heated air is distributed across the space using gas, electricity, propane, or oil. Most commonly used source of energy for furnaces is gas. 

High efficiency furnaces are available in multiple heating capacities, that can be configured for various requirements. These furnaces take shorter time to heat up, as they are made using high quality materials such as cast iron. Cast iron has a rapid heating function, and takes longer to cool down, allowing the furnaces to ensure the temperature stays positive for a longer time, while providing an efficient service. 

Some high efficient furnaces can be seen using variable speed blowers to ensure the heat is delivered evenly and efficiently. Some furnaces can generate quite a noise during their operations; therefore, baffle silencers are used for noise reduction.  


Furnace services

Maintaining the condition of furnaces can be quite a hassle that can be costly, and time consuming. We recommend experts to handle the maintenance of these furnaces as most malfunctions occur due to thermostat settings which results in lack of heating, a clogged filter, a tripped circuit breaker, or if the furnace switch was turned off. While some of these issues sound fixable on your own, it is always good practice to call an expert. Investing in a new furnace can be expensive, therefore, fixing your existing furnace using expert methods is key. 

The experts in the HVAC industry know exactly how to inspect, clean, and lubricate the important components of the furnaces while troubleshooting and discovering exactly where lies the problem. Furnace services are widely available across the country, and make sure to select a reliable service which will not cost you a new furnace or void your warranty. 


Boiler systems are another method in demand for home heating, which uses hot water or steam to heat up your surroundings. Also known as hydronic systems, the method can be applied from warming small houses to swimming pools and de-icing the frozen driveways in the extremely cold winters. The process is quite simple, it involves a boiler filled with water, which is heated to a certain high temperature, or in some cases evaporated to steam. This steam or the heated water is then pumped via a closed-circuit system mapped around the house. These systems are often connected to coils, radiators, or radiant floor systems.

High efficiency boilers


When the hot water or steam is circulated through this system, the transfer of heat warms up the atmosphere. The cooled water is pumped back to the boiler, which will again be heated and circulated within the system. The energy source of high efficiency boilers used for heating varies from one another, often being propane, oil or natural gas. Electricity can also be seen as a power source for boilers.

Most high efficiency boilers have a higher annualized fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating and saves energy while being more time and cost saving. While the initial cost might be a little higher, these boilers will serve the purpose with minimum hassle in the long run.

Boilers System Services Maintenance And Repair

As this process is within a closed system, boiler system services maintenance and repair can be very cumbersome. Some common issues are the thermostat malfunctioning which leads to lack of heating, leakage, noisy boilers, low pressure, and radiator malfunctioning. Failing to service your boiler regularly can result in these issues and can cost more to repair your boilers. Boiler maintenance is therefore crucial in households.

If your boiler needs repairs, it is recommended to contact an expert in the field who has an extensive knowledge on these boilers. Especially when it comes to high efficiency boilers, there are high-end technology and techniques involved, and it might take an expert to analyze, observe and resolve the issues for you.

Hot water heaters

Common hot water heaters in households include gas water heaters, solar heaters, tankless water heaters, heat pump water heaters etc. water heaters are the second highest energy consumer in households, using up to 19.3% of the total energy consumption. Gas, electric and tankless water heaters are more widely used. Gas and electric water heaters use a thermostat to maintain and control the temperature.

Repair and Installation Gas or Electric Hot Water Tank

The repair and installation of gas or electric hot water heaters is a complex process, which requires technical support. After carefully selecting the best suited heater for your home, you must contact a technician to install the heater and configure the system in the recommended method to minimize a possibility of malfunction. 

One of the most common problems associated with hot water heaters is the sediment and scale build up. Only a subject expert can diagnose these situations and install water softeners or use regeneration and brining methods to provide a solution.


Tankless Water Heater Repair/Installation

Tankless water heaters, also known as on-demand water heaters can save a lot of space, and only heats the water when you require. These heaters use gas burners or electric coils to heat water and saves energy as you will not be running these heaters 24/7. Just like the other heaters, installation process of tankless hot water heaters can be difficult to DIY, therefore, always consult a technician, or call for technical support. 

Maintenance is key for these heaters as they’re built to last up to 20 years, and require regular checkups and repairs as needed to make the optimum use of these heaters. There are many reputed local service providers in each area to carry out tankless water heater repair and installation, so be sure to check them out before you make a decision.

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